Friday, 27 January 2017


While in the University, I lived off campus , I remembered there were several occasions i would gather my flatmates together and we will have a mini show under the mango tree, residents from other hostels came, no speaker ,no microphone,no order of program , I was honing my public speaking and human relation skills, I cracked jokes basically and on one occasion ,I invited one of friends to come crack as well, it wasn't a crowd of up to 50 people. Some of my flatmates then are also on my facebook ,this is no fable. But I had fire in my bones! Now fire is too small, INFERNO NI!!!!!! Focus on your focus until you become the focus. Just mind your business ,the world will soon mind you . Everyone has a story. No Glory without a story. Nothing like overnight success, every overnight success has a minimum of 10 years investment ! Keep at your craft ,you just have to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, NOBODY CAN DO THAT FOR YOU . #drshogospeaks #lessonsfromdrshogo #breakthebox #followyourpassion #believeinyourself #executeruthlessly #cruisedontcoast


DREAMS DO COME TRUE . I went to a catholic primary school, and on several occasions during my primary school years ,we had the privilege of hosting Catholic Bishop. Today, I vividly remembered we hosted Bishop John Onaiyekan, school windows were cleaned, our clothes well ironed, stones were painted white! And we all(the students) lined up from the school gate( which was quite a distance before getting into the school premises proper) , I can't remember.. But we had something like flag in our hands as well to wave to the Bishop as he drove in. I was a kid,but I mused to myself, that someday students will line up for me too and struggle to touch me! It was like a flash of light . On another occasion ,we hosted Bishop Ayo Maria( I'm shocked I remembered their names!),the routine was same, the thoughts came again! And today, I had the privilege to speak at an event organised by Priceless virtues international ,the lagos traffic couldn't deter me from getting to that part of lagos, stones were not painted, students did not line up ,but after my session with them... They struggled to touch me, shake me, take pictures with me. I threw a lot of banters with them and I told them, someday some of you listening to me will be the one talking to school kids like I did to them. I saw hope, I saw courage and I saw a lot of positive energy today. The love and acceptance was overwhelming . The CEO of priceless virtues international is my mentee Oluwatobiloba Ajibade, thanks for inviting me, I celebrate you . I just want to tell someone out there not to stop dreaming. Real dreams never dies ! #drshogo #coach #youthadvocate #influencer #schooloutreach #mindrevolution #thoughtleader YOU CAN FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @DRSHOGO


Letter to protégés ,aspiring protégés, sons or mentees. I am privileged by the Grace of God to be called Daddy, Coach, Mentor by few people but the truth is that the relationship BTW a mentor and protégé is symbiotic and not parasitic, if not one person (usually the mentor will die) . Another truth is that a father knows his son/daughter , a mentor knows those who are his protégés no matter who is calling him mentor , daddy or coach. I have openly said that every body needs a coach ,every coach needs a higher coach and I personally, I don't have coach I have coaches that cuts across different spheres. Let me share how I treat my own coaches and mentors. 1. I check on them from time to time and not in an annoying way. Here is the reason: so when I need to seek for their opinion or advice ,it won't be like 'it is now that you need me that you are reaching out'. Nobody likes to be used! When u keep in touch when u don't need any advice or guidance , it makes them pour themselves into you when u need their thoughts 2. If I need to see my coaches in person, I don't go empty handed . I must have a form of gift . This is to prove that I just don't want to collect from you, I appreciate your effort in sharing what you know with me 3. One of my mentors, very popular in this country ,he has a general public space number . Then he has another number that is private ,after walking with him for a while, he gave me his private number ,he said call me anytime ( I don't!). Personally ,I don't send BroadCast message , let's now assume I do, I am smart enough to know that I should not abuse the privilege of having his contact, I will excuse his number from my Broadcast. I get a lot of broadcast from people , I find it joyful to block them on my platform. 4. I look for ways to grow the brand of my mentors: I have a mentor who is well known, and I felt his website name could we customised to his brand ,I did a domain name search for him, found out that his name is available ,paid the money for him and sent the name to me. Now tell me ,how he will not watch my back! On January 2nd, I hosted a free WhatsApp class that was oversubscribed ,we had over 200 people that could not attend . After the class,many said thankyou , some prayed , but one person chatted me up and said you have added value to me sir, next time when u want to host a free class, there is a certain platform you can host and you don't have to go through the rigour of adding people on your phone ,then adding them to the group for the class. He brought value to my table and instantly won a special place in my heart 5. I don't and will never ask my mentor or coach for money! You erode your value and pass a wrong information. If your mentor decides on his or her own to give you, that's another ball game and its honorable that way . 6. I don't pester my mentors to take me out for their events , if they do, I also don't tell them that I want to hold the microphone. You don't really learn anything while talking! 7. Mentors/ coaches are not daft people ,they can literally see through your heart, and know your motive for hanging around them. The more genuine you are, the better . 8. I don't maximise or use any contact of my mentors without their consent . The reason is simple ,if you do, and any problem arises or conflict ,where is the boldness to tell your mentor to resolve for you? 9. I don't compete with my mentors,I don't 'threaten' them ,one of the 48 laws of power says, never outshine the master! This is very true I need to stop now, though there are more things to share. Before you look for a mentor or coach, kindly have what you are bringing to the table and spell out your code of conduct before your mentor or coach. My name is Dr Shogo. I hope this letter Abi article makes some sense.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Do you have a passion to speak? So many times after a presentation, an audience member approaches me and says, "I would LOVE to do what you do! How did you get started?" Due to the crowds of people and short breaks between speakers, I rarely have the opportunity to effectively answer their questions. Recently someone asked if I had information on my website on how to become a full-time speaker! What a great idea! well...EMCEE AND PUBLIC SPEAKING MASTERCLASS is one of the platforms i have need to attend the next session note. it is not a class for spaces available. THERE IS ALSO GOING TO BE FREE PERSONAL PROFILE TESTING FOR ALL PARTICIPANT. what you will learn. 1. Basics of public speaking 2. Roles of an emcee in any event 3. Personal Branding 4. Power of photography in image making 5. How to make money from being an emcee 6. How to make money from public speaking 7. Audience analysis and management 8. Leveraging Social media to promote your speaking services and many more that you will not learn in Harvard University . Limited slots available. it's a training you don't want to miss. They way to become more valuable is by adding value to yourself.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016




The spoken word has always been, and will always be, the most powerful medium to motivate people. However, the majority of people dread the thought of standing up in front of an audience and speaking. The fear of a possible ‘personality failure’, the terror of being judged on their public performance, can turn normally secure people to jelly. ‘I stood up to speak, but my brain sat down’ is a common, self-defeating mantra. ATTEND THIS MASTER CLASS AND GET THE CONFIDENCE YOU NEED FOR YOUR NEXT PUBLIC SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT

Thursday, 10 September 2015


Have we all become so complacent and cynical that we don’t believe our actions make a difference? Does any action – volunteering, donating, voting, writing, caring seem meaningless? Have you given up hope in yourself, your family, your community? In 1804, Thomas Jefferson was running to the US President for a 2nd term. A paraphrase of his campaign can be stated in one sentence. ” I believe every American given the opportunity and circumstances will take care of himself, his family, and his community.” I firmly believe that about all of us. Yet in this time, in this place with these people when we should expect miracles, we have become mired in mediocrity and mindlessness (as opposite to mindfulness). If we are all capable and willing then the problem must be the environment where opportunity and circumstances are created that is at fault. Every day we face messaging from big government, big charity, big business that pats us on the head and whispers ” don’t worry, we will take care of that for you.” If it is in their interest they might try to take care of it and mostly fail. Usually they won’t really try because they know we don’t really have very high expectations of their intent. The only think that BG, BC, and BB rely on is that we have bought hook, line and sinker into the supposed convenience they offer. “Don’t worry about homeless, we will do that.” “Don’t fret about spending, we have it under control.” ” Don’t concern yourself about supper, we have peeled and chopped for you.” Unless we begin to resist the convenience, we will soon be incapable of thousands of actions that make our world a better place. You can become involved rather than absolved. What is most important to you? What is the smallest action that you can take today to change/improve the situation? On a scale of 1-10 (10 being highest), how committed are you to taking this small action? Your words tell us who you think you are, your actions show us who you are. Tell us about what is important to you and your smallest action taken today.